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We Breed Best Friends

Hand Raised Dumbo Rats
Standard, Rex, and Hairless
* Black & White * Agouti * American Blue *
Siamese, Marten, Odd Eye and Other Varieties coming soon


How to Buy a Rat

A step-by-step guide to bring your best friend home.


I have made a great list of what you need for your setup and have included links to everything you need. Take pictures of your setup, you will need to submit them to complete your application. I do sell amazing food and modular hammocks on this website.


Fill out the Wrinkle Bean Rattery best friend adoption application. Then text or email a cage tour with pictures or a video. This needs to show me:

  • a RAT PROOF cage

    • Absolutely no cages with plastic bottom pans or bare wire floors will be accepted UNLESS the plastic pan is covered with hardware cloth or other method to prevent escape even when the plastic is chewed away.​

    • Wire floors must be fleece or pan covered. Bins are preferred inside of the wire cages so that they can burrow in 4+ inches of substrate.

    • Appropriately sized -- absolute minimum 17 inches on the shorter side but must total 400 square inches of floor space, a bare ethical minimum. Fancy rats need far more horizontal space than vertical.

    • 1/2 inch or smaller bar spacing

    • Any small slide/hinge doors zip-tied with metal ties.

    • No tension closed (wire over wire) doors that do not have a secondary latch.

  • Water sources/bottles 2 minimum.

  • Rat safe bedding

  • 1 bed/hides per rat, plus 1

  • Food

  • Enrichment activities. The enrichment activities can be simple and I love DIY creativity.

My babies mean a lot to me, so I need to make sure they are going to good, loving homes. Asking for all of this seems to be the surest way to find the very best people for them!

Pick your friends.

If there are specific friends you want, you can place a deposit to reserve those particular ones. I will mark them as reserved on the website and once your application and cage tour are approved, you can schedule time to come pick them up. If you would like to meet the available friends and pick from them, schedule time with me once your application and cage tour are approved.


Wildlife Rehabilitation

To donate food or supplies for Wildlife Rehab, please see my Amazon Wishlist.

It all started with one little rat and quickly grew to hundreds of squirrels, opossums, racoons, desert woodrats, and actual rats. I specialize in neonates (infants).

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About Wrinkle Bean Rattery

Hand Raised Rattos

Wrinkle Bean Rattery is a PET ONLY rattery in Los Angeles. What started out as a random gift of a rat baby has turned into a fulfilling and life-changing experience. My main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all my animals from birth until they leave with their forever family (minimum age 8 weeks) - and beyond.

Litter Galleries

Blue Christmas

December 2023


HollowRats 23
Born September 29, 2023

Dumbo Standard and Hairless

Piper x Maury Povich
Born April 7, 2022

Spotted Fur

Grant 0970.JPG

Isabeau x Etienne
Born January 5, 2022

Curly Haired

Pippa x Ratagast
Born November 11, 2021

Yellow Tail


Bianca x Ratagast
Born October 13, 2021

Spotted Fur

Contact Us

Please use email, the contact form, or Instagram DMs (@wrinklebean) to reach me so that we can arrange a time and place to meet as well as the animal(s) you would like.

I will be asking you about any rats you currently have, your cage setup, and some other questions to make sure that my animals will be well cared for and not used for food or nefarious purposes.

I sell them for $50 each with a 2 rat minimum unless otherwise noted. I want to encourage you to keep the siblings together as it makes life easier and less scary for them to be together. Three is the magic number for social harmony in a rat cage. Same sex only.

Los Angeles, CA, NO SHIPPING

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Thanks for submitting!

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