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Meet the Daddies!

Our males are not for sale, they stay here once retired from the breeding rotation and live out their lives getting lots of head scritchies and smooshes.

Ratagast the Black (Wizard)

Dumbo, Smooth, Black & White

Born April 2021
Ratagast came from a feeder bin and a few days later was lost in the dashboard of my car for 12 hours! Once back inside he bonded with Bianca, usually sleeping while clutching her fur. They remain very close when they are allowed contact with each other. A true love story.


King KitKat

Dumbo, Smooth (Hairless Carrier), Black & White

Born October 15, 2021

KitKat was born to Pippa and Ratagast and is the sole survivor of Pippa's first litter. Born close to a half term early, the babies could not survive and most died within 24-36 hours. I was able to save KitKat who was the biggest and most developed of them, by feeding him every hour with a paintbrush (and later an IV catheter tube from the vet), holding him in my hands for constant warmth, and helping him to eliminate. It was a tough road but he is a fighter and is the best rat ambassador in the world.

All hail King KitKat

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