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Flat Hammock with double quilted Zorb -  Starter Set with Hanging Chains

Flat Hammock with double quilted Zorb - Starter Set with Hanging Chains

Single 12 or 15 inch square hammock with hanging chain and hooks to attach to cage. These can be paired with add-on layers to make double or triple story bunk beds or add on as many stacks as you want with this design! This design also allows for easier cleaning, replacing only the levels that need to be swapped for cleaning or replacement. I can make the other kind too, where the levels are stitched together, but in my experience with having hundreds of animals through the years, especially with destructive and messy baby squirrels, this modular design with metal hanging chains is the most durable and long lasting.


Each layer is quilted with Zorb for maximum absorption and odor control. This quilting adds durability that can withstand a brood of 12 baby squirrels from infancy through release and every other day washing for months. The ones in my cages have been employed for over a year before needing to be replaced. After spending $15 each on hammocks from Amazon or Temu that get chewed up within hours or days, over and over, and needing hammocks, pee pads, and incubator liners for myself and my fellow wildlife rehabbers, I set out to make the most durable and absorbent items I could. We have tested multiple iterations and perfected the construction. These get a win from me!


Each bunk layer is a sandwich made of quilting cotton (which is meant for the outward facing side), quilted to a Zorb inner absorbent layer, and a patterned (or solid) cotton or fleece layer meant for the inner facing side that the animals sit on, also quilted with Zorb. There are 4 layers in total, and the fleece is primed for wicking so that liquid is pulled through to the Zorb layers instead of beading like untreated fleece.

Comes with the hanging chains and hooks included, specify length on order. For add-on layers, I recommend 1 inch chains.

  • How to Wash

    1. Detach each layer from the chains.

    2. Wash in warm or hot water with dawn dish soap directly in the drum and vinegar in the fabric softener cup.

    3. Air dry or use a tumble dryer on low or medium heat.

    DO NOT USE FABRIC  SOFTENER, It interferes with the absorbency of fabric.

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