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Meet the Mommies!

Our mommies are never for sale. Once retired from the breeding program, they live out their lives as aunties/memaws for the new babies.

Pippa aka Princess Pippapotamus de Wrinkle Bean

Dumbo, Hairless (no rex gene)

Born Feb 14, 2021

Pippa is the most affectionate female rat I have ever met. From the day I met her (April 5th, 2021) she was a snuggle-bug who slept in the most zen poses. She is a light on this world.


Bianca, aka Lady B

My shining star of sweetness

Born February 14, 2021
I got Bianca on the same day, from the same place I got Pippa. Bianca is a dedicated mother, having partially raised Ratagast when I got him from a feeder bin, barely weaned. She talks a lot and has a very calm demeanor.


snuck into the boys cage, so now she's gonna be a momma

She a ho.

Dames/Does: Females
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